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Choosing a College: Teen Perspectives

College WheelIt’s just past the time that high school seniors have decided on their college, and juniors are looking ahead to applications. It’s nice being able to talk to someone who’s gone through the same process that many juniors will go through. There’s much to think about: the SAT, the ACT, good grades, finding a school that fits your interests, essays, applications, visits, and more.

We have the perspective of two high schoolers: Brooke who has been through the application and acceptance process, and Claire, who is just beginning it.

Brooke: Finding the right college is really difficult. My decision came down to two schools, and a lot of different things factored into my final choice. You have to consider location, class difficulty,cost, the “feel” of the school and it’s social aspects, and a ton of other stuff. With the two schools I had, one was much more prestigious but a lot more costly, and the other one had given me scholarship money, but wasn’t particularly well-known.

I had to weigh my options: would the more abundant opportunities at the one school outweigh its cost? Would I be happy in the towns the schools were in? Did I feel welcome and included by current and other prospective students? You may never have that moment where you just know, like a lot of people talk about. You have to trust you’ll make the right decison for you.

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A Brief Guide to College Visits

Success and Sanity on the College CampusSo, you want to visit a college, either to pick one you like or to decide which one to attend.
  • The first step is to visit their website.  Colleges often require you to register for a tour, so make sure to do that.
  • The next step is to think about what you want in a college and do a little research on the school.  Consider some key questions like how much of a party school it is, how religious it is, and if it has strong programs in your areas of interest.  Isolate some key questions to ask your tour guide, but remember—this is a rough list.  More questions will pop up during the tour, and some will remain unasked.  If you have been on previous tours, remember questions that you asked in the past, or aspects of the college that you liked, to base future questions on. Continue reading

College Help: Previewing the Common App

For some of you new seniors out there, it may seem crazy to think about college applications in summertime. Yet when it comes to something that could determine the next four years of life, doesn’t early preparation seem like a good idea?

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College Help: Narrowing Your List

If you are a soon-to-be-senior planning on applying to colleges, you’ve hopefully been doing some research by now. (If you haven’t started your college search, check out this post: http://blog.spl.org/yablog/2011/03/15/college-help-getting-started/).

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College Search Series: Campus Visits

This is the third post in the College Search Series. For the rest of the series, click here. Continue reading