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My Ethical Dilemma – Privacy and its Unwritten Rules

Privacy-Rights1To what extent is a private moment private? With so many cameras and phones around, pictures and videos have become a much larger part of our lives than before. Candid photos are taken, goofy videos are recorded, and then many of them are put on the Internet, or at least shared with friends. But do you think that you should still have control over what people see and what remains private in your life? Two of my good friends are currently in a fight because of the lax rules our society has surrounding photo privacy. For the sake of privacy (ironically) we will call them Bell and Bae.

Bell is my very best friend, and she has been for several years. We are always together, think with one mind and find each other hilarious. I can’t imagine my life without Bell. She recently started dating someone and he’s a pretty okay guy. They bonded over photos and so he has seen almost all of the horrible photos she has of me on her phone. Needless to say I wasn’t very happy about this, things like bad selfies and me making weird faces aren’t really things I want shown to anyone but her. But because I dislike confrontation I tried to repress my annoyance and move on with my life, which I did. Up until now… Continue reading

Is Print Dead?

be_magazine_logo The nice folks at Be! Magazine interviewed a couple of our librarians recently regarding the big question: Is print dead? Read what Nathalie and Lupine had to say about the rise of e-books and the fall of print as a medium and leave your comments below.

Teen Pregnancy: Still an Issue

pregnancy collageDid you know that approximately 750,000 American teens get pregnant every single year resulting in approximately 400,000 teen births?  Are you curious about why the number of birth rates versus pregnant teens differ so much?  My guess is that the majority of the difference is made up of teens who choose to abort instead of carrying to full term.

I fully support a woman’s right to chose especially if it’s apparent that the parent or parents of the child will not be fit parents.  However, I find myself questioning how a teen would get pregnant in the first place. Continue reading