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Is Print Dead?

be_magazine_logo The nice folks at Be! Magazine interviewed a couple of our librarians recently regarding the big question: Is print dead? Read what Nathalie and Lupine had to say about the rise of e-books and the fall of print as a medium and leave your comments below.

E-Books: Pros and Cons

ebooks & the libraryYou may remember me from the library’s annual report (who am I kidding, none of you read it, I know) as the corny looking guy leaning against a pillar with my kindle, the poster boy for the e-book program.  I decided I’d like to use this blogpost to take another look at e-books, examining the pluses and minuses of their use.

I love my kindle.  I will bracket this by saying that I read a lot, but that doesn’t change much for me.  I can count on one hand (minus a few fingers) the number of books I read in the last year that were less than 100 pages, and that’s about how thick and heavy my kindle is, and other e-book readers are comparable.  Considering that it holds an infinite (or close enough) number of pages, it is more space efficient by far then paper books.  That makes it really nice in a school bag, since the merest ounce matters. Continue reading

Homework Help: The Manga Guide to Calculus

Our friends over at Shelf Talk just published this post, about one of our download e-book services, Safari. safarilogo

The upshot is that you can learn the material for a few tough classes by reading one of these manga guides online. Safari has the Manga Guide series for Calculus, Databases, Electricity, Molecular Biology, and Statistics.

Safari specializes in science and technical topics, and is great for people interested in computer sciences.  You can access it from this page.

I like the manga approach myself. A thin little plot and lots of pictures help me stay awake (which is more than I can say for my actual calculus class, way back when)!