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What we said about MLK, Jr. Day last year.


Teen Reviewed: One Piece

One PieceTitle:  One Piece

Author:  Eichiro Oda

Why I started reading?  It was so long ago I can’t even remember.  The cover looked interesting?  😀

In a yearbook, the main character would be voted Most Likely To:  charge in headfirst without thinking!

This book reminded me of Dragon Ball because they’re both manga, they are the same genre, shonen, which is action-adventure that isn’t too mature.  The main characters are similar in personality and they both are written by the same formula of “story arcs,” so they have similar progression.

One Piece is very popular.  It’s aimed towards a younger teen audience.  The main character has an interesting ability and is very charismatic and distinctive.  It’s fun to watch him work towards his goal, and it doesn’t ever get too confusing.  It’s a series, and the first half of it is pretty straightforward, but as you get more into it, the plot thickens and the setting becomes more and more complex.  The main theme seems to be camaraderie, but there are other minor themes such as equality, justice, government oppression, and dreams.

— Lexie, 15, West Seattle


Same-sex marriage

According to the New York Times in a recent article from May of this year, 50 percent of Americans approve same-sex marriages and the numbers continue to rise after President Obama’s announced support.  However, on the other end of the spectrum, opposition is quickly dwindling.  I, for one, don’t see why there should be so much confliction in morality regarding this issue because to me the answer is obvious: gay marriage should be 100% supported.

Although I make my position on gay marriage very clear to anyone who approaches me on the topic I do respect other opinions although I obviously don’t agree with them.  I’m definitely one of those people who have a unique family situation considering I’ve been primarily raised by two gay parents.  However, I’ve never understood what’s so ‘unique’ about it, probably because I’ve come to see it as a way of living verses something “different” from the “normal.”  Since I was little I can recall people asking me question such as “what’s it like to have two dads?” and “how can you live without a mom?”  For most people I retort with a short answer that generally puts an end to their pondering about my life.  However, in this case I feel it would be beneficial to voice my living situation to give context into my beliefs on the controversial issue of gay marriage.  Having two dads is like any other family, truly nothing is different aside from the obvious “no mom” aspects but in my unique situation I spend partial time with my grandmother (who’s my “mom” to me). I think of myself as someone who does have a mom, even if she’s biologically my grandmother, because a mom is not someone who gives birth to you, a mother is the person who’s there to love you, support you, and be there for you through everything.  I’m proud to say my grandma has done just that. Continue reading