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Why summer camp is (literally) the best thing ever!!!!

I’m sure that most of us have as least one traumatic memory from our first time at sleep away camp. Don’t you vividly remember the horror of being sent away alone for several nights amongst prepubescent strangers like yourself? I know I do. I catch the first whiff of the briny breeze as I step out of the car at the ferry terminal in downtown Seattle. The air is chilly at 8 am despite it is the middle of July.  Greeted by swarms of kid and teenagers alike, all of them here for the same reason as I am: to be cast away for 7 dreadful days to Vashon Island.  Destination: Camp Sealth.

camp sealth

There is a flurry of duffel bags and sorting out boat tickets and hugs and kisses goodbyes to parents as each of us solemnly depart. We are practically stepping off into the abyss towards the great unknown, A.K.A. a white ferry on Puget Sound. There are tears; there are protests, yet exhausted parents still must shove their reluctant children aboard, a twinkle of guilt along with relief in their tired paternal eyes. I float among these hectic crowds; my dad is already gone. I’m yet to cry. Instead I am a speck of dust being herded like a sheep, backpack and Northface duffel in tow, my only company the novel Legend by Marie Lu.  Guided aboard a packed vessel where I will feel incredibly alone. Continue reading

Formal Dance? Don’t Sweat It!

formal happy danceUgh, yes, once again, formal dance season has arrived. I, myself, just had one this past Saturday, my school’s own version called OLOT. But, yes, here they come again, the Spring Flings and spring formals and all the stress that comes with each one of them.

As a girl, I know the rash amounts of anxiety over the dress, the heels, the nails, the hair, the makeup, the group, and not to mention getting asked to the dance in the first place!

But let’s back up a bit, and let’s have me explain the typical etiquette of my school’s spring formal: OLOT.

  • When: usually the 2nd or 3rd weekend of March.
  • Where: This is the dance where the school chooses an off campus venue, whereas our winter dance, TOLO, is held in our school’s cafeteria. This year, we scored the Pacific Science Center.
  • How is works is that it’s a guy ask girl dance. While at most schools the guy just approaches the girl and says, “Hey, want to go to the dance with me?” the ask is actually one of the most important parts. Usually the guy should come up with a pun or have a poster or bring the girl a baked good.

People have gone all out in the past: renting a pig, scavenger hunts, spelling out the letters “OLOT?” in the windows of a school building, or in my case, an ask imitating the scene from Say Anything where the guy wins the girl by holding up the boom box to the window. (Ok, mine was a little different…him and some of his friends just came up to me carrying the boom box playing The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson and he asked me. But close enough).

I’ll have you know that asking season gets catty, especially amongst the female half of the grade. So here’s my first word of advice: if you can, avoid the asking drama. If you get asked, great! If you don’t, that’s fine too! There’s so much silly high school stigma around not getting asked, but so what! You should still go to the dance. Rally up a group of friends and go as a big group! Also, hopefully your school dances have an atmosphere inviting towards people of all sexual orientations and genders. Ask whom you feel comfortable asking, dress how you feel comfortable dressing, and just be yourself!  It’s supposed to be fun, and it’s a whole lot easier to have a good time if you feel comfortable in your own skin! Continue reading

Free Music! Get It! Money Sucks, Friends Rule by Dillon Francis

Money_Sucks,_Friends_RuleWant it?

Continue reading

Teen Space! Now @ Beacon Hill!

Teen Space   Thursday, May 15, 2014, 3 – 5 p.m.

Teen SpaceNeed a space to hang out and have fun? Come to Teen Space at Beacon Hill, it’s a time just for teens to meet up and hang out!

Teen Space at Beacon Hill is a time set aside just for teens ages 12-18 to meet up and hang out.  Why not get out of the house for a while and head to the library? Come alone or bring your friends — then make new friends!

We’ll have snacks (a must), music, and games.  Plus, each month there will be a fun activity.  We’re sure you’ll help us keep it interesting.

Teen Space = a time for you to be creative and have fun, all for free.

For more info call Wendy @ Beacon Hill (206-684-4711) or Ask a Librarian.

Sports for Everyone!

School’s back for another year, and now so are those fall sports: football, cross country, soccer, and volleyball.  And for those of us who spent summer with TV and ice cream (guilty) more than sports training, joining  a sport seems like a less than fun idea and even intimidating.  Still, joining a school sport has a ton of pros that make it completely worth it your while.  I’ll admit I’m biased: I play a fall sport, and I’m used to slipping into my role of recruiter, encouraging classmates to join cross country.  But this aside – just teen to teen – it’s not a conspiracy: people who do sports usually like it and would like to have you on their team. Continue reading

"Must See" Drama

A Single Man

 A Single Man is one of the most awesome movies that I have ever seen. It talks about an English professor who finds it hard to focus on his job after losing the true love of his life, Jim.  Although the movie is based on a stream of consciousness book, it is easy to follow.  It’s full of great actors.  In fact, Colin Firth was Oscar-nominated for his leading role in this movie.  It’s a great puzzle.  Yet, it’s clear and concise.  I did not hear about this movie until I was about thirteen.  I did not watch it until I was about seventeen.  It was worth the wait; it’s fresh, new and retro.  I loved it and I’m sure you’ll love it.  Continue reading

Book Sale @ the Library!

 Friends of the Library Mini Book Sale – NEXT WEEKEND, Save the date!

Books, Books, Books

Warren G. Magnuson Park
Building 30 Workshop
7400 Sand Point Way N.E.
Seattle, WA 98115

Friday, March 2, 2012, 9am – 4pm
Saturday, March 3, 2012, 9am – 4pm
Sunday, March 4, 2012, 9am – 1pm

Come to the Friends of The Seattle Public Library’s three Mini Book Sales! Continue reading