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Moby Dick, the Puppet Show

Several Garfield HS students got together, read Moby Dick, and put together this video.  Sparks Notes provided the script, but the teens provided the puppets, the cutouts, and the dramatic voices.  So cool!

What’s up, Garfield?!?!

Garfield HSSchool Shout Out to Garfield High School!Garfield HS

Thanks for being such a great audience today.

Click here to see a very informative prezi about our summer program.

Remember to check out our tumblr page to see what Seattle teens create this summer.

The summer program starts June 23. Come to the library to pick up your free book and participate in a summer of great activities!

Check out our Teens webpage for current programs and activities.

Want to write for this blog? Send us an e-mail and we’ll let you know how!

Garfield HSCheck out what else you can do at your library [for free] all summer long!  There is lots to see and do and learn and enjoy and experience and discuss.

Get involved @ Your Library!

Lesley and Shannon from Douglass-Truth

Let Freedom Ring! MLK Day Activities

MLK MarchToday is the 31st MLK Day Rally & March.  The library’s closed & there’s no school so no reason not to participate!  🙂

ALl events are free & open to the public.

9:30am-11am, Workshops in Garfield High’s classrooms

11am-12:30pm, Rally in Garfield’s gym

12:30pm, March from Garfield High to the Federal Building on 2nd Ave

Once at the Federal Building there is a another brief rally.  Buses will be availabe to transport people back to Garfield High School.  A free lunch will be provided in Garfield’s Lunchroom ( the Commons area).  For additional information, please contact Kamilah Brown at 206.296.1002. Continue reading