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Homework Doesn’t Have To Suck: Dating Tips for the Google User Part 2

Here at Push To Talk Headquarters, we are dedicated to helping you get your homework done! We also have some advice for you about dating.

Previously on Dating Tips for the Google User:  We recommended that you figure out what you’re looking for before you start searching so you don’t end up with a loser.

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Homework Doesn’t Have To Suck: Dating Tips for the Google User Part 1

When it comes to finding information on the web for homework assignments, librarians have a lot of good advice to offer. But what you might not realize is that librarians are also experts in the field of online dating. This is because using Google is a lot like looking for someone to date. Continue reading

Your Opinions, Your Chance To Win!

 Got a few minutes? I know, not really. But you might want to make some time to take one of the surveys about The Seattle Public Library’s Homework Help program. Why? Because your opinions matter and will help us improve the Homework Help program. Oh, and also because you could win a $10 Starbucks card.
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Homework Help: Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an online database of over 2600 video lessons in all different subjects. Need help in geometry? They’ve got it. Want to brush up on art history? Check. Studying for your SAT? No problem. Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that simply wants to help people learn. Founder Sal Khan has degrees from both MIT and Harvard, and he actually quit his job as a hedge fund manager to work on the Academy full time.

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What’s New with Homework Help

Is this a good topic sentence?

What happens during photosynthesis?

Why are there all these x’s and y’s on my math worksheet?

You know you can get help with these and other homework questions at the library, right? Homework Help volunteers hang out at eleven Seattle Public Library branches after school. Plus, Online Homework Help is available every day through the library website. (Here’s the Homework Help page). Any grade, any subject, it’s all free and there’s no need to sign up—just log on or drop by!

But you might not know about the new things going on this year:

  • Homework Helpers are now available at the High Point Branch.
  • You can find Homework Helpers who speak Spanish on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at the Lake City Branch, as well as a Homework Helper who speaks Vietnamese on Thursdays.
  • And the Douglass-Truth Branch is the only branch where you’ll find a Homework Helper on Sundays—and he also speaks Spanish.

Homework Helpers, whether you visit them in person or chat with them online, can help you figure out assignments, proofread your work, or explain confusing concepts. And, of course, librarians can help you with research. Here’s a handy link: Ask a Librarian.

Now I can finally write a topic sentence about how x’s convert to y’s during photosynthesis!


We’ve all had to do those huge research papers at some point in our lives. At first glance, they are daunting. We imagine hours spent clicking through websites on Google or scanning the library’s shelves for something, ANYTHING that could help. But when you have the right tools, research really isn’t all that bad, and the library has just the things you need.

Nowadays, we turn to the internet first when it comes to research. But the library can even help you in this department – want to find some quality website sources other than Wikipedia? Just check the Online Resources section of the Teens page. There you’ll find a huge list of web resources divided by topic; there’s everything from encyclopedias to literature databases to historical records. Some are just basic websites and others are high-quality sources that require your library card number (since the library is paying for membership). Just imagine – you now have access to all kinds of members-only sites like Encyclopedia Britannica for free! It’s definitely a resource you don’t want to miss.

Though we all love the web for research, there are some pesky teachers that insist on having real book sources, too. Have no fear! The library does that too (just in case you didn’t know). And guess what? You don’t have to worry about searching your entire local library for a book on your topic – you can simply go to the new online catalog, search for your topic, and put a hold on the books you want. That way you have access to the library’s entire collection rather than just what’s available at your local branch. It’s true that the library’s catalog can be a bit tricky sometimes, but I’ve found one method that works pretty well for searching. Type in your subject – let’s say the “Silk Road.” A whole bunch of different materials will come up – some may be good, others may seem totally unrelated. The best way to narrow it down is to find one source that looks good, click on it, and then look at the page that comes up. On the right side of the screen will be “Explore Further” with lists of Subject Headings and Tags. Clicking on one of these will run a more specific search on your subject in the library’s catalog, or you can even do a search of the whole web. Another option is to check if a list of “Similar Titles” comes up at the bottom. Both of these methods will lead you to other good resources.

Whether it’s websites or books that you want, the library is the best place to start for research. And best of all – you can do most of the searching right from home! Next time you have a big research paper assigned, check the library first.

Post by Callan, teen blogger

Homework Help: Time Management

Do you ever find yourself scribbling out an assignment at the last minute? Maybe you procrastinated the night before and fell asleep in front of the TV. Perhaps you even forgot that there was an assignment in the first place. Either way, you might need some help managing your time so that you can finish that assignment long before it is due. Here are our tips on keeping your schedule in order:

Emma’s Tips
• Balance Your Activities – If you find yourself caught up in the confusion of school, extracurricular activities, and time with friends, take some time to examine everything that you are doing. Perhaps you are spending too much time with your friends every night and, as a result, the quality of your schoolwork is slipping. The key to this is balance. Make sure to divide your time between work and play, so that you do your best in everything.
• Plan Ahead – Set aside a few minutes at the beginning of each week to go over your schedule. Figure out the days that assignments are due and the nights that you are busy. Make sure that you have plenty of time to finish your homework, while still doing everything fun that you want. If you struggle with procrastination, set some specific time aside every night to chip away at that ever-growing pile of homework. If you separate certain assignments into manageable chunks every night, they do not seem quite as daunting, and you can still finish them before they are due by planning ahead.

Callan’s Tips

• Make Lists – Okay, so this is coming from a compulsive list-maker, but really – lists can help you plan your time better. Every night, check over your planner and see what’s due the next couple of days. Then make a check list of everything you need to get done that night, and as you finish each task, check it off your list (it really gives you a boost of satisfaction). You can do the same with long-term projects that require lots of steps, or even with typical everyday tasks. Making lists also ensures that you’ll never forget anything.
• Give Yourself a Break – It’s important to set aside time for homework every night, whether it is right when you get home or later in the evening, but always remember to allow yourself breaks. If you know you have a few hours of work ahead of you, make a plan to take a ten or fifteen minute break every hour. Or you can plan your work so that you get half done, take a break for dinner, a TV show, etc., then finish the other half. However you do it, make sure your break is worthwhile. Grab a snack, check Facebook, or text a friend. Just make sure that when break time is up, you get back to work immediately and don’t get behind on time.

Even the best of students can struggle with planning their time and avoiding procrastination, so remember that beating yourself up about it won’t help. Instead, take a moment to sit down, make a plan that you know you can follow, and then stick to it. If you don’t get everything done that night, make another plan about when you’ll finish. Following these types of time management tips will help you stay on top of school while still keeping your life in balance.

Post by Callan and Emma M., teen bloggers