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Pattern Recognition – realistic mystery with a touch of science fiction

pattern-recognitionTitle: Pattern Recognition

Author: William Gibson

Summary: Pattern Recognition is a science-fiction mystery novel. The main character is Cayce Pollard, who works as an advertising/logo specialist. Mysterious yet artistic video clips are appearing on the internet, which attracts the attention of many people including Cayce. The CEO of the company Cayce is working with makes an offer for Cayce to track down more information about the video clips. Cayce gets a lead on the possible producer of these video clips from an online connection, and starts the hunt to figure out who is behind the mysterious video clips, and what their motive is.

I kept reading because: The book was fast paced and kept me interested along the way. There are a lot of references throughout the book that I had to stop and look up on Google. For instance, I had to look up some name brands and some types of machinery. However, this did not detract from the reading experience—rather, it enhanced my enjoyment of the book as I understood what the book was referencing and how it enhanced the story. The book is mainly geared towards high school upperclassmen, and would probably fall under young adult realistic fiction.

Who would love this book: Overall, I highly this book to anyone who likes realistic mystery books with a touch of science fiction. The book combines many different themes and plays around with the human psyche and mentality. I had to think about what was happening in the book multiple times. Each time, I would be blown away at how Gibson used his words to enhance the story. The sentences would get short and crisp when the situation became tense, but when a character was letting his/her thoughts flow, the sentences would become long and eloquent to fit the mood. This book is a masterpiece combining a riveting story with superb writing. Pick this book up today!

–Matthew, Grade 12, Lake City


Banned Books: Licton Springs K-8 at Lake City

Celebrate our freedom to read!

7th and 8th grade students from Licton Springs K-8 School will be reading aloud selections from banned and challenged books at the Lake City Branch on Monday, October 6th at 6 pm.

Book selections include excerpts from The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, Geography Club by Brent Hartinger, Bone by Jeff Smith, Wild Swans by Jung Chang, And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson, and It Gets Better by Dan Savage.

Please join us!

Biography of Legendary Race Horse Seabiscuit

seabiscuitTitle:  Seabiscuit: An American Legend

Author:  Laura Hillenbrand

Summary: This book takes a look at the life of Seabiscuit, one of the legendary race horses of all time.  This book is non-fiction but feels and reads like an extremely well written novel. Hillenbrand goes through the life of Seabiscuit and his career as a racehorse.  Not only does the biography of Seabiscuit tell the story of Seabiscuit, but it also tells the story of the jockeys and owners.  From the training of Seabiscuit to the low-tier races, and from the low-tier races to the high stakes championship races, the biography is action-packed and incredibly heartwarming.

Why I Started Reading: Biographies narrated as stories appeal to me, so when I saw this book, I picked it up and decided to start reading.  Even though this book is fact-heavy, the story never stops moving forward, and the reader is always looking forward to the next story about Seabiscuit or the trainers/owners.  Consider this as a biography of one of history’s most famous sports “players”.

Why I Kept Reading: The narration is exquisite and the description of each race is so thrilling that you could hear the crowd thundering and cheering at each race. The details and facts are accurate and well researched, all adding to the flow of the story.  Although I have never raced horses or attended a horse race, this book explained the details of each race clearly such that I was able to envision every single detail.  In addition, one thing that makes this book great is that it doesn’t only focus on Seabiscuit, but also tells the stories of Seabiscuit’s jockeys as well, and delves into the precarious life of a jockey.

Six Word Recap: Biography of Legendary Race Horse Seabiscuit.

–Matthew, Lake City, Teen Blogger


We need Homework Help volunteers! Spread the word!

HHThe Seattle Public Library is seeking volunteers to assist K-12 students with homework assignments and developing literacy and mathematics skills throughout the 2014-2015 school year.

Anne Vedella, the Library’s volunteer services coordinator, said successful Homework Helpers are comfortable interacting with students of all ages individually and in small groups. She explained that Homework Help is a drop-in program for students. “A volunteer does not work with one student throughout the school year,” she said. “Each week, the students and their requests for academic support may be different.”

“We are seeking volunteers who are well-rounded academically and enjoy helping students learn,” Vedella said. “You don’t need to be a subject expert to participate, although that is helpful, especially in the areas of math, reading, writing and science.”

You can find Homework Help (for all your school-related needs) at the following locations from Sept. 8, 2014, through June 11, 2015:

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Need something to do? Join us!

need to knowToday, from 4 – 5 pm, Douglass-Truth is offering the first Need to Know of the summer.

“What do you need to know about working, going to college, or other responsibilities? Learn something new every week when you stop by the teen area for answers, advice and activities. For ages 11 and up.”

These sessions will be held every Sunday through Tuesday throughout the summer.  You don’t have to register, just stop by, say hi to Shannon and Lesley and get the answers to your burning questions!

Tomorrow, June 25th you have three programming options…but you have to choose one ’cause they’re all at the same time!manga

  • From 2 – 4 pm, Northgate is hosting the Art of Manga.  “Calling all sketchbook warriors! Do you have a stash of drawings itching to be shared? Need help with a tricky plot point? Share your frustrations and skills with other mangaka in the making. For ages 10+.”  Drop-in for a bit or the whole two hours.  Bring your artwork & stories to share!bristlebot
  • Also from 2 – 4 pm, Lake City invites you to create a Bristlebot!  Build, decorate and race your own tiny robot using a toothbrush, battery, and pager motor! Supplies and snacks provided. For ages 11+. Registration is required on this one, so call soon.
  • Finally, from 2 – 4 pm, Greenwood wants to see your Lego Mindstorms.  Work in teams to assemble and program a digital Lego Mindstorms robot, and then watch it come to life. No lego mindstormsexperience needed. For ages 11+. Registration is required here too…get ‘er done!

Check back often as we’ll be sharing as many of our programs as we can.  You can also find all of our Summer Programming by going to the Calendar of Events and limiting the audience to “Teens.”

We’d love to hear back from you if you attend a program.  You can take pictures, make visual art, write us a reaction post, or just share general thoughts.  Touch-base with your local librarian, or e-mail them to us and we’ll share them here or at our new Tumblr!

Here’s to a great summer, Seattle!  😀

Jane Addams students recommend great books!

Hazel Wolf K-8

Thanks Jane Addams 6th, 7th, and 8th graders for being an amazing audience last week!

Here are a few of the books I brought with me:

Here are some of the teen programs this summer at the Lake City Branch:

  1. Bristlebots for Teens, Wednesday, June 25th, 2-4 pm
  2. Divergent 60-Second Challenge for Teens, Wednesday, July 9th, 2-4 pm
  3. Create Your Own Flappy Bird Video Game for Teens, Wednesday, July 23rd, 2-4 pm
  4. Gaming for Teens, Wednesday, August 13th, 2-4 pm

And last but not least TYVM for your great reading suggestions! Here are just a few:

Have a great summer, and we will see you at Hazel Wolf in the fall!

Nancy @ Lake City

SPL nancy g

Just can’t get enough: Pinehurst!

Pinehurst K-8 vertical

Thank you Pinehurst 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders as always for your warm welcome!  And thank you Carolyn, David, Jo, and Ms. J!

It was an honor to see the 8th grade students perform American Me during my visit.

Here are some of the books I brought with me to Pinehurst last week:

  1. Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25
  2. Etiquette and Espionage
  3. Seraphina
  4. The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door
  5. The Living

Please visit the Lake City Branch this summer and fall for free prize books, programs, snacks, and Homework Help!

Here are some of the awesome summer programs at the Lake City Branch happening soon:

  • Bristlebots for Teens, Wednesday, June 25th, 2-4 pm
  • Divergent 60-Second Challenge for Teens,  Wednesday, July 9th, 2-4 pm
  • Create Your Own Flappy Bird Video Game for Teens, Wednesday, July 23rd, 2-4 pm
  • Gaming for Teens,  Wednesday, August 13th, 2-4 pm

Here is the list of books that Pinehurst readers recommend:

  1. I am the Messenger
  2. Mila 2.0
  3. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
  4. One Piece
  5. The Hunger Games
  6. Lockdown
  7. Divergent
  8. Cinder
  9. Wonder
  10. Little Bee
  11. Of Mice and Men
  12. Ready Player One

Congratulations graduating 8th graders!  I hope to see many of you at Hale or Ingraham next year, and I will see everyone else at Licton Springs in the fall!

Nancy @ Lake City

SPL nancy g