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Book Shorts: Jumped In

Jumped InTitle: Jumped In

Author: Patrick Flores-Scott

Summary:  Set in South King County, WA, Sam is reluctantly teamed up with “gangster” Luis to create a performance poetry/rap for Ms Cassidy’s 10th grade English Class.  Filled with raw teen poetry, you can feel the rain in the book ( we don’t do snow, we love the H²O, baby!)

Gut Reaction: Give me more Patrick!  Don’t move to Michigan!

Why: Slick poetry, set in Seattle Area, for the student you sit next to in class but hardly know anything about, Latino characters and author!

Who would like this book:  Fans of Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick your Ass by Meg Medina, poetry rap fans, and fans of Matt de la Peña!

Ken, 12th Man & Librarian, High Point 

Ken 12th man

Book Shorts: The Boys from Little Mexico

The Boys from Little Mexico

Title:  The Boys from Little Mexico

Author:  Steve Wilson

Summary:  For nineteen straight years, the all-Hispanic boys’ soccer team from Oregon’s Woodburn High has made the playoffs. As they prepare to make it twenty, one thing will become clear: Los Perros play the beautiful game with heart, pride, and their lives on the line. Their spirited drive gives a rare sense of hope and unity to a blue-collar farming community that has been transformed by waves of immigrants over recent decades, a town locals call “Little Mexico.” Watched over by a south Texas transplant—a surrogate father to half the squad—this band of brothers must learn to come together on the field and look after each other off it.

I started reading it because… The book is about a boy’s high school soccer team in Woodburn, Oregon.

I kept reading because… Stories surrounding the players who had immigrated from Mexico. It brings out the issues of language, immigration, education, and sports in real life experiences.

Main character(s): If they were in a yearbook, they would be voted Most Likely To:  Play professional soccer!

Six Word Recap:  Teens overcome obstacles to create teamwork.

This book reminded me of (the movie) Stand and Deliver because…of overcoming the odds to succeed!

Website:  boysfromlittlemexico.com

Cool Book Trailer:  vimeo.com/9187720