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Visit the Star Wars Costume Exibit @ EMP & Check Out a FREE Museum Pass from SPL

IMG_1502The exhibit marks a 12-city national tour that begins at EMP, where it will be on view January 31 through October 4, 2015

Explore the trials and triumphs in dressing the Star Wars™ universe in this special behind-the-scenes look at the costumes that shaped the identities of the most iconic characters of our time.

Presenting nearly 60 hand-crafted costumes from the first six blockbuster Star Wars films, Rebel, Jedi, Princess, Queen: Star Wars™ and the Power of Costume uncovers the intricate processes and the remarkable artistry of George Lucas, the concept artists, and designers—and reveals the powerful connection between character and costume.

bnr_museum_pass (1)The Museum Pass allows you to use your Seattle Public Library card to reserve and print out an admission pass to participating Seattle museums at no charge.

Have you considered the Peace Corps?

sagalandwomencelebratenewlibraryMy name is Sagal. I am a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in a small land-locked country in southern Africa, Swaziland. I work as a community developer in a village with an emphasis on youth. My projects focus on youth empowerment, HIV/AIDS education, food security, income-generating and literacy.

My work is challenging but also rewarding. This month my community and I opened a library!  The library project was a complete success because the community was very involved.  The youth and the parents helped with the implementation of the library project.  As a result, we have a wonderful, inviting, library room that’s fully owned and operated by the community.

As a child, I loved libraries!  I grew up in northern Seattle and I use to spend countless hours at the Lake City Library.  So, when I arrived in Swaziland and a local teacher asked for my help in establishing a library in the community, I was very much excited.

Peace Corps Volunteers work with the nonprofit Books for Africa (BFA) to establish libraries in Swaziland.  BFA collects donated books throughout the United States.  They then sort, organize the books by reading level and prepare them for shipment.  The Peace Corps office funds half of the project expenses (transportation cost and the librarian trainings) and the other half is fundraised by volunteers like myself.  This year, we opened 30 libraries including the one in my community and next year we plan to open 30 more.

Libraries don’t exist in the rural communities and we are trying to change that. One village at a time!  I can go on forever about libraries but I will stop here!

–Sagal, Lake City, Guest Blogger

My Summer of Volunteering: Jesse

SWTA group of teens spent their summer volunteering at the Southwest Branch Library. This is Jesse’s second summer volunteering for the library.  Now he tells us what he really thought about his volunteer experience assisting with programs, planning a program for other teens, and helping out their librarians!


Jesse, what did you think about volunteering at the library this summer?

When I volunteered last summer, I was, for the most part, just an extra pair of hands. I was someone who catered to the odds and ends of the library whenever I happened to be around. While that was a great experience that I do not regret at all, it never really felt like I was part of the library. This year, I had the chance to a part of a larger project. Me and a small group of other volunteers organized and executed an event that we knew people of our age group would enjoy and be excited about. Alas, I was not able to see the final product first hand due to my unfortunate vacation schedule. But I still feel a strong sense of gratification knowing that I was a part of an organized event that hopefully made a small impression on the library and community. Continue reading

My summer of Volunteering: Hailey

SWTA group of teens spent their summer volunteering at the Southwest Branch Library. Now Hailey tells us what she really thought about her volunteer experience assisting with programs, planning a program for other teens, and helping out their librarians!


Hailey, what did you think about volunteering at the Southwest Branch Library this summer?

As the end of summer is unfortunately and rapidly approaching, I reflect on what I have accomplished as a free teenager for the past months, and hopefully I come to the conclusion that I’ve done something purposeful.  I know that most kids totally and utterly detest the sheer thought of anything related to school, and I’m not denying the fact that I am one of those people, but this summer I did something out of the ordinary for me.  This fall, I’ll be a high school freshman, and as much as I am excited, I’m also just as nervous.  I already have nine years of school under my belt (don’t forget preschool), so what could be so different?  Although I don’t have older siblings, I’ve gone through life without any helpful advice from experience such as homework help and some morale support, but I have heard through the grape vine what to expect this school year.  Continue reading

My Summer of Volunteering: Dawson

SWTA group of teens spent their summer volunteering at the Southwest Branch Library in addition to the rest of their obligations. This was Dawson’s second summer volunteering at the Southwest Branch.  He tells us what he really thought about his volunteer experience!


What did you do this summer?

This summer a lot of what I did outside of programs was the same. I boxed up FOL [donations for the Friends of the Library] books, helped straighten shelves, and so on. The major differences were in the programs, with many of those being different from last year, or at least different from what I had volunteered at before. While last year, the programs seemed a bit more varied, with things like learning how to juggle, playing games, or making buttons, this summer the programs seemed to have a theme, with the majority of programs I’ve helped with being used to help teach science, though this was in a wide variety of fields.

Why did you sign up to volunteer? Continue reading

My Summer of Volunteering: Emily

SWTA group of teens spent their summer volunteering at the Southwest Branch Library.  Now Emily tells us what she really thought about her volunteer experience assisting with programs, planning a program for other teens, and helping out their librarians!  

I think this is a great program and that it gave me new experiences and taught me a few things about people and community. Whenever we held a program, I would think at the end of it that a lot of the people I was volunteering with and a lot of the people who came to the program were people that I wouldn’t expect, just by looking at them, to be the kind of people I would socialize with. I admit to it, a lot of the people who come to the programs at the library would be people I would not choose to say hello to in a setting like school. But the programs at the library showed me that if you just talk to people and reach out to someone you normally wouldn’t, they will surprise you, and you will find that the way they look has nothing to do with who they are.

Of course, I am not a horrible person and this philosophy is not new to me, but I have never had many real life experiences with talking to different people, so this program gave me an opportunity to go outside my comfort zone and practice what I believe in, which is not judging people by the way they look. This program also benefits people in the community by, as you mentioned, bringing together mixed demographics and giving all types of people access to the library and it’s resources. Continue reading

Greenwood TAB Volunteers Needed!

Teen AdvisoryThe Greenwood Library is looking for members to join the Teen Adviser Board during the school year!  The TAB meets once a month for an hour and half at the Greenwood Library and is a great way to earn volunteer hours while doing a variety of awesome things.  If you do join TAB you are expected to do something every month and will earn 3+ hours of service depending on how involved you get.

You can help out in a variety of ways including:

  • Writing blog posts
  • Writing shelf talkers (the little written things under a book on a shelf)
  • Helping run children’s programs
  • Creating displays

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know kids on the TAB as well as the kids that come to the events.  If you’re artistic, enjoy books of all kinds and even maybe some basic science, this is the opportunity for you!

**In case you’re wondering, there is no shelving books kind of thing.**

–Sophie, 14, Greenwood

It’s so easy to post to our tumblr!

Did you know? You don’t even need your own tumblr.  If you have something rad to say, show off, or sound off about, just go here and share it with us.  Your fave books, movies, homemade GIFs, handmade creations, book trailers or book spine poetry, photography, and inspirations!

We’ll get it up, presto magesto!  😀


We need Homework Help volunteers! Spread the word!

HHThe Seattle Public Library is seeking volunteers to assist K-12 students with homework assignments and developing literacy and mathematics skills throughout the 2014-2015 school year.

Anne Vedella, the Library’s volunteer services coordinator, said successful Homework Helpers are comfortable interacting with students of all ages individually and in small groups. She explained that Homework Help is a drop-in program for students. “A volunteer does not work with one student throughout the school year,” she said. “Each week, the students and their requests for academic support may be different.”

“We are seeking volunteers who are well-rounded academically and enjoy helping students learn,” Vedella said. “You don’t need to be a subject expert to participate, although that is helpful, especially in the areas of math, reading, writing and science.”

You can find Homework Help (for all your school-related needs) at the following locations from Sept. 8, 2014, through June 11, 2015:

Continue reading