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Teen Poetry – Emily – I Am From…

I Am From…

I am from people who ran away from bombs and guns

Trying to not get killed.

I am from people who tried to cross a border to be safe.

I am from parents who separated.

A dad who supports anything I do.

I am from a mom who doesn’t care what I do.

I am from a family that can risk their life helping me

Get an A+ for my science fair project.

I am from a family who has a Nerf Gun war




I am a kid who scrolls on tumblr laughing at dog gifs

All day

I am a kid who is a Mirfanda.

I am a kid who wishes she can go to a kpop concert

I am a kid who wishes to eat bacon and be healthy


I am from a house who screams

At each other when a scary trailer comes on

I am from a house who sings Resentment by Beyoncé

All together

I am from a house that isn’t normal


I am from a place where

You can smell fried vegetables

I am from a place where people try to be stress free

I am from a family that is average

I am from all of these things that I like because

They make me


–Emily, 7th grader, West Seattle

Clair de Lune: Naïve College Teacher Lives, Loves, Learns

Claire du luneTitle: Clair de Lune

Author: Jetta Carleton

Six Word Review: Naïve College Teacher Lives, Loves, Learns

Summary: Young, intellectual, attractive and single, Allen Liles is a new-on-the-job college teacher. She begins an after-school group to discuss poetry and literature with students, but the group’s numbers quickly dwindle down to just her and two boys, George and Toby. Allen and the boys start up a friendship and together they go out to eat, philosophize, watch movies and have beer and potato chips at Allen’s apartment. It’s all innocent fun and games until Allen and Toby’s relationship becomes more than just an after-school friendship. Suddenly, Allen’s entire career is jeopardized and with her reputation at stake, what is Allen to do?

I started reading because I read Jetta Carleton’s other book, The Moonflower Vine, and liked it so much that I reread it twice. I also thought it was interesting that this book was “newly discovered” and recently published, even though it was not recently written.

I kept reading because it was very engaging, I had to see what Allen would decide to do and what would happen. I read it in one day!

I would give this book  8/10 stars, because the story flowed and the writing style is unique, fluid and honest. I loved the picturesque, rural setting and the developed, individual characters. Allen’s enthusiastic and spontaneous personality was relatable and appealing. The ending felt rushed though, and the plot had a few poorly patched holes. These were minor flaws though, because the rest of the story was amazing.

I loved almost everything! The setting, the characters, the dialogue and the smooth, slightly old-fashioned word choice. The cover is very elegant too.

I hated the abrupt ending, it left me wanting to know more about Allen, and where she would go next in life.

If the lead character Allen could bring one thing to a deserted island, she would bring lots and lots of books.

Anything else we should know?  It’s a great book, go check it out at your library right now!

–Gabriella, Ballard, Teen Blogger


Venus in Love – friendship, love, confusion?

venus in loveTitle: Venus In Love
Author: Yuki Nakaji

Summary: A college girl looks for love and will probably end up with her crush’s best friend, her gay neighbor, but don’t ask me how that works.

Gut reaction: grounded, un-obnoxious, college instead of high school, mature people for once.

Why: The characters are realistic, and although they aren’t especially deep, they aren’t shallow at all.  The strange portrayal of LGBTQ+ is strange, but I guess he’s bi-sexual?  I’ll be interested in how they pull this off.  However, they deserve credit for a realistic homosexual character instead of the derogatory okama stance.  The heroine, Suzuna, has no tragic back story or Mary-Sue qualities whatsoever.  The story plays out like real life without bathos and it’s possible, although not likely, that it’ll end with the friendship ending.

Who would like this book: realistic LGBTQ+ fans (not an LGBTQ+ story though), shoujo fans. I’ll read until the end because I’m curious and it’s good so far.

–Lexie, West Seattle, Teen Blogger


Greenwood TAB has your Book Horoscopes! September (Premier) Edition.

book starsMonthly Book Horoscopes: September

Are you at a loss for what to read this month?  Well, you’re in luck!  This is the first edition of a series of monthly book horoscopes: book recommendations based on your Zodiac sign.  All of the books on this list are awesome, so if you’ve already read your recommended book or finish it before the month is up, feel free to read a different one.  Happy reading!  🙂


Aries  Quarantine: The Loners by Lex ThomasLoners

This is the perfect read for a rebellious spirit like you!  Funny, action-packed, and somewhat frightening, this book takes place in a high school that has been cut off from the outside world due to the spread of a fatal virus that lies dormant in teenagers.  The kids trapped in the school must fight to stay alive until they are allowed to “graduate” by the machine standing guard at the door.  The first book of a series.

Taurus  Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Angel

If you liked The Mortal Instruments series, then you should also read this book, the first of The Infernal Devices, which has the same concept but is set in 19th century England.  When Tessa Gray’s brother is kidnapped by demons, her paths cross with the Shadowhunters of London, and she learns that she is a Downworlder with an unusual power.  Also, this entire book is steampunk, which is fun.


Gemini  Stickman Odyssey: Book 1: An Epic Doodle by Christopher FordStickman

Your curiosity might get the best of you this month.  The fresh school year is a great time to let it take you into uncharted territory! Join the Stickman as he embarks on a journey out of his comfort zone on an epic and hilarious quest through Greek mythology. T his graphic novel is also the first book in a series.


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Regina raves on Wide Sargasso Sea

TWide Sargasso Seaitle: Wide Sargasso Sea

Author: Jean Rhys

Summary: Antoinette Cosway, known as Bertha Mason in the novel Jane Eyre, spends her childhood in the Caribbean during a socially tumultuous time. Antoinette is a white Creole meaning some of her ancestors were slaves but her appearance is different from her origins. Her mother is mentally unhealthy, her brother is mentally delayed, and her father is dead. Antoinette narrates the first half of the novel, and then the story shifts and a young English gentleman named Edward Rochester narrates after their marriage. The next half of the novel describes the ups and downs of Antoinette and Rochester’s marriage as well as the factors that led to Antoinette slowly losing her sanity.

Six Word Review: An interesting read with vivid imagery.

I started reading because: I liked Jane Eyre and was interested in getting to know Bertha’s character better.

I would give this book 10/10 stars because the motifs, themes, imagery, juxtapositions, and other literary devices are abundant.

I loved that Jean Rhys explored multiple character perspectives. The story is narrated by Antoinette, Rochester, and even briefly by a minor character. I hated that the description of the time at Thornfield was so brief. It makes sense because the author is demonstrating Antoinette’s mental instability, but it still would have been cool to know more about what that time was like for Antoinette.

If Antoinette was in a high school yearbook, she would be voted Most Likely To: Have A Hard Time Fitting In.

Anything else we should know? The movie adaptations are more overly romanticized and don’t provide an accurate portrayal of the author’s intent.

–Regina, 17, West Seattle


Your Next 5 Books: likes SF, Stiefvater, Green

your_next5 Sometimes we get requests for Your Next 5 Books that don’t give us much detail, but the person is still hoping we can make some good suggestions. This teen wrote in:

science fiction, young adult, kiki strike, Earth Unaware, Maggie Stiefvater, John Green

Not much to go on, right? Well, it was enough for our librarian, Jenny, who sent this list along with this response:

That was a pretty big range of books you mentioned, but I tried to give you a little something for each. There’s a little bit of spy fiction (Etiquette and Espionage) and a little sci-fi (Cinder). There’s something like Steifvater (The Diviners) and something like Green (The Perks of Being a Wallflower). Finally, a book with a little bit of many things: Invisibility. And as a bonus, maybe take a look at Across the Universe, which is a love story and sci-fi and a little dystopian craziness that is hard to put down.

Yeah, sometimes you get lucky and get a sixth book suggestion! 🙂

Book Shorts: Ripple

RippleTitle:  Ripple
Author: Amanda Hubbard
Summary:  Lexi is cursed with a dark secret. Each day she goes to school like a normal teen, and each night she must swim, or the pain’s unbearable. She is a siren – a deadly mermaid destined to lure men to their watery deaths. She soon finds herself caught between a new boy at school who may have the power to melt her icy exterior, and a handsome water spirit who says he can break Lexi’s curse…at a price.

I started reading because… I was looking for a book to read and when I ran across this one and the description intrigued me. It was a book that was different, most books now adays are about vampires or werewolves but this one isn’t . . . it’s main character is a Siren!

I kept reading because… After a horrible accident Lexi is suffering and trying to learn how to fix her curse, but there seems to be no answer or cure, so she cuts her ties with all her friends and classmates.

But one of her old friends won’t have any of that, and Lexi starts to bring down her walls, especially when a new kid in her class offers her a cure, but at a pretty high cost. Will she accept the cure and the chance at having a life like normal teenagers or will she reject it because of the price she must pay to obtain that normalcy?

Six Word Review:  Lexi sings, people die, she’s cursed.