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5 Books for the Teenage Runner

As summer comes along, it signifies to most teens the end of school’s agonizing workload and heralds a new, brief era of laziness and freedom. To others, it is not the end of their struggles, but the beginnings of a new one: summer running. How one could drag themselves through the blistering heat for miles on end is beyond some people. These books, however, may help you delve into the runner’s mind and learn about what compels them. Perhaps they’ll even encourage you to start going out for brisk, summer jaunts! For runners, these can and hopefully will give you some much-needed motivation to help you push past any laziness or despair you feel in the face of your daily run or workout. Those who’re already gifted with the drive to hit the trails everyday will also benefit from these books’ inspirations.

borntorunBorn to Run by Christopher McDougall
In Mexico’s Copper Canyons, there lives a tribe of Native Americans known as the Tarahumara. These people are renowned for their almost god-like endurance abilities that allow them to effortlessly run hundreds of miles without needing rest and free of injury. McDougall tracks them down in search of their secrets and in doing so, explores running’s history spanning back centuries across the globe. As McDougall discusses today’s ultra-running legends, what modern running shoes are really doing to us, and some of the most astounding feats of athleticism this world has seen, Born to Run is an engaging and intriguing read.


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School: Tips for a successful year and beyond

Have you ever looked down at your binder that so happens to be in such disarray you cannot seem to find that biology paper, language arts essay or scrap of paper you scribbled a history fact onto and wondered to yourself, how did this happen?  More often than not, the disorganization kicks in about a month or two after school starts, that is, after the “new” of school stops.  As my new geometry teacher seems to like to say, “the key to success is organization.” 

After hearing this I chose to really think about what he meant.  I believe that he didn’t just mean in terms of your binders to be organized; I think he was aiming for a deeper meaning.  A meaning that represented an organization in life, where one would find their balance to both have a social and school life as well as down time for themselves.  The reason for this theory is that if you have this so called “organization” then you’ll be able to achieve your dreams with a level head and an ambition that’s unstoppable. First rule of success: Strive to be organized.

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