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Why I cannot stand the Ender’s Game movie…

ender's game movieTo start off I am just going to say that I love Ender’s Game and I have read it several times.  Due to that I know a lot about the book.  I am not saying that I know everything in the book because I do not.  I also know that movies have limits but some of the things in the book just made me go a little bit crazy.  (Please note there will be spoilers)

Let me start off with my biggest problem: Bernard.  In the movie he was everywhere.  I felt that the director or whoever was in charge of who was in what scene looked at a scene and were thinking, “We need someone here, oh I know, let’s put that minor character Bernard in this scene.”  Bernard has such a small role in the actual book seeing him everywhere just drove me insane.

The next thing that drove me crazy was the person they chose to portray Bonzo.  It is not about his acting skill, I felt everyone did a good job in the movie.  My problem was his height.  He was smaller than Ender in the movie.  In the book he is both older than Ender as well a taller than Ender.  In fact in the scene that he fights Ender he makes it as even as possible but then says that it is not his fault he is taller than Ender.  Another thing is that Bonzo was actually one of the worst commanders when Ender finally became one.  Even when Ender was not commander Bonzo was still only second or third place but he commanded everything and did not allow Ender to even enter the battleroom till five minutes in and then he was not allowed to move.  In the movie he had apparently not lost one game.

Next is the battleroom.  In the book there are several of these rooms shaped in a cube.  There can or cannot be “stars” in the room and it can change its level of darkness in the room to make it harder or easier.  In the movie it was just one large glass circle and it somehow was bright in there even though in reality most of the light would just go through it and the only places with lights would be the people and the “stars”.  They also completely brushed over all the rules of the battleroom.

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Four Films for a Rainy Day

Ranging from ludicrous to horrifying, the following films offer food for thought, creative genius and riveting narratives. I’d strongly recommend them for a wet, wet day in need of intellectual stimulation or just plain enjoyment.

Pan’s Labyrinth

Six Words: Fairytales and fascists in 1944 Spain.
Mood(s): Dark. Chilling. Haunting.
“Magic does not exist. For you, for me, for anyone else.”
Bonuses: Creepy monsters. Beautiful set and score.
Additional: Subtitled (Spanish origin). 13+.



Safety Not Guaranteed

Six Words: Time traveler seeks assistant, adventures ensue.
Mood(s): Witty. Quirky. Droll.
“There’s no sense in nonsense when the heat’s hot.”
Bonuses: Lasers. Soup cans. Prosthetic ears. Audrey Plaza.
Additional: Set in Seattle. Did I already say Audrey Plaza?13+.



The Lives of Others

Six words: Stasi policeman attaches to rebellious playwright.
Mood(s): Dramatic. Wistful. Emotional.
“You were under full surveillance. We knew everything.”
Bonuses: Political thriller. Romance. Fascinating history.
Additional: Subtitled (originally German). 14+.



Americanmovie.jpgAmerican Movie

Six Words: Amateur filmmaker makes no-budget movie.
Mood(s): Entertaining. Offbeat. Lighthearted.
“Oh God, Kick-F***king-Ass, I got a Mastercard!”
Bonuses: Side-splitting interviews. Lovable doofuses.
Additional: For anyone with Midwestern relatives. Profanity.

I hope one of these appeals to you! Or better yet, don’t bother looking them up. Do yourself a favor and put them on hold.

Maddie, 17, Teen Center Advisers


PS If you have any stellar film recommendations, leave them in the comments below because I am ALWAYS looking for a good rainy day flick. Living in Seattle means I get to watch plenty of them.

Favorite Movies: Training Day

Training DayTraining Day the best movie ever made

I like this movie because of the graphic and violent scenes. My favorite actor in this movie is Denzel Washington because he plays the role of a crooked detective. In the beginning of the movie  Denzel’s character [Alonzo Harris] is looking for a new hand to hire from L.A.P.D.  Alonzo finds his candidate in Ethan Hawke’s character [Jake Hoyt] and meets him at a restaurant.  It’s all downhill from there!

I rate this movie 9/9 – MUST SEE.

Check out this list of other dirty cop movies.

–Charles, 19, Y-Intern


Teen Review: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (Movie)

What would you do if a 70-mile wide long asteroid was headed for earth and you had a limited time to live before the world ended? Well, in this funny yet outlandish film you’ll find out what a group of people do on their last days. This film although unique with its plot (as you will find) is at the same time rather spontaneous in the sharp ups and downs and dramatic tone shifts.

The movie is centered on two characters who seemingly “find” each other in the most unlikely of circumstances. Dodge is now a divorced middle-age man who fears spending his last days alone after making the untimely discovery his wife has left him. Linda is one of his next door neighbors who he’s managed to see coming and going here and there. She’s a British woman who comes to him (crawled to his window crying actually) with the sad realization she may never see her family again. Dodge has likewise set his mind on an “end of the world goal”. His goal is to find his high school sweetheart in time to tell her how he truly feels.

The two eventually commit and team up to help each other reach their goals. Through Dodge and Linda’s ups and downs crazy things occur as the plans course for their goals go a bit haywire. The closer they come to their goals the closer the world comes to an end—literally in this unique film starring Steve Carell, (Dodge) Keira Knightley, (Linda) and Melanie Lynskey (Karen).

Teen Review: Snow White and the Huntsman (Movie)

Snow White is a tale that’s been told far beyond the time of its creation, it’s a tale that’s loved by young and old, so how can the movie possibly compare you ask?  While skilled director Rupert Sanders kept most of the details the same he did a magnificent job of transforming the retelling of Snow White in an all new light. Continue reading

The Hunger Games

Hunger Games

Hunger Games

 After I finished the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins one of the first things I did was search online to find out if it was going to be made into a movie.  I was in luck when I found that Lionsgate had purchased the rights to make it a movie.  Of course I realized that it would be two years or so until the movie would be released but after having just read the conclusion of the epic trilogy I was already excited.  Like anyone who is a huge fan of a book I was also worried that the movie wouldn’t do the book justice and would flop like Percy Jackson and the Olympians.  Worries aside, I hoped for the best. Continue reading

Film Greats Part 4: Audrey Hepburn

Belgian actress Audrey Hepburn gained fame as an actress (after a short-lived career as a dancer) when she was “discovered” and given a starring role in the Hollywood romantic melodrama Roman Holiday and the Broadway show Gigi. In that year (1953) she won both an Oscar and a Tony for Best Actress, and her career took off. She appeared in many more films over the following years, during which time she married Mel Ferrer. Sadly, the marriage did not last, and Hepburn married again, once more without success. Hepburn embarked on a second career as an international ambassador for UNESCO, and eventually found happiness with her last partner, whom she never married. She died of cancer, beloved by many. A short selection of her films follows.
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