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The Blood of Olympus: too much of the same?

olympusTitle: The Blood of Olympus

Author: Rick Riordan

Six Word Review: A continuation of a long series

Stars: 4/5. It was a fairly decent book with a common plot however the long winded sense of the series lowered the potential for me.

I started reading because I had read the previous books in the series.

This book reminded me of EVERY OTHER book that was similar to this including all of the books in the series.

What I loved was Riordan did add a new spark to the plot and made it more interesting; however, it still had too many rehashed themes to enjoy these new ideas.

Websites of Interest: The Blood of Olympus – Heroes of Olympus: The Online World of Rick Riordan

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Claire’s List of Books to Read!

There’s always so many books that I want to, but never have the time to read! Of the many books that are on my to-read list, these are my top five.

bookthief1. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

My sister got this book for me as a present a few years ago.  I read the first 30 or so pages, and then for some reason I didn’t pick it up again.  My mom “borrowed” the book from me (I swear she’s a book thief – pun intended), and I didn’t get it back until a few months later.  In 8th grade, I read Zusak’s I Am the Messenger, and I loved it.  Ever since then, The Book Thief has been one of my top five to-read books.  Also, the movie is out so after I get around to reading it, I can watch that too. Continue reading

Book Shorts: Escape from Eden

Title: Escape from Eden Escape from Eden / Elisa Nader

Author: Elisa Nader

3-Sentence Summary: Mia is a sixteen-year-old girl living in a religious cult, “Edenton,” led by a corrupt Reverend and isolated in the South American jungle. As she approaches womanhood and the responsibilities of that title in Edenton, Mia begins to realize that her world is not only far from heaven, but much closer to hell than she dares imagine. Also, coincidentally, a really hot guy with a bad attitude shows up and wreaks havoc for the Reverend as well as Mia’s heart.

Six Word Review: Paradise ain’t nice so let’s leave.

I started reading because… I really enjoy adaptations of Adam and Eve. I think the original story offers quite a bit of food for thought and I take great interest in unique interpretations. I kept reading because I was on a plane. So it was this or the in-flight magazine.

Star Rating: 5/10. This had such potential to be unique! It was clear that the author was trying, and there were some interesting plot points and characters, but ultimately I was disappointed by the tropes. I have the feeling that if this adaptation was written for adults instead of young adults, it would have been very different–but unfortunately, the pages are riddled with forbidden romance instead of the deep symbolic importance this ancient story deserves. Continue reading

The Goddess Test

goddesstestTitle: The Goddess Test
Author: Aimee Carter

The Goddess Test is a novel that retells the story of Hades and Persephone. Kate enters the town of Eden with her mother, who is deathly sick. Her mother hopes for a better future for her daughter. So they move back to her mother’s childhood home.

Kate is alone, and she is starting a new school with no friends. Kate then meets Henry. Continue reading