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Fall Bucket List!


North Cascades in Autumn…Mt. Baker!

Leaf art:  Check out this book from the library for fun ideas.

Go hiking before it gets cold: Some ideas from Washington Trails Association.

Visit the Arboretum.

Host a pumpkin carving party.

corn maze

Star Wars Corn Maze!

Go to a corn maze.

Listen to some ghost stories.

Have a picnic at a park.

Halloween at the Woodland Park Zoo.

Bonfire with marshmallows.

Chocolate Festival

Go to a school sporting event.

Zombie Run

Drink or make apple cider.

Volunteer/donate to a food bank.autumn

Rollerblade around Greenlake.

Take a picture of a colorful tree & send it to a friend.

Decorate your locker for fall.

Bake something yummy.

Send something to a sibling or friend at college.

Run the Green Lake Gobble.

For a comprehensive list of events, festivals, etc. check out:

–RuthMabel, Greenwood, Teen Blogger


5 Books for the Teenage Runner

As summer comes along, it signifies to most teens the end of school’s agonizing workload and heralds a new, brief era of laziness and freedom. To others, it is not the end of their struggles, but the beginnings of a new one: summer running. How one could drag themselves through the blistering heat for miles on end is beyond some people. These books, however, may help you delve into the runner’s mind and learn about what compels them. Perhaps they’ll even encourage you to start going out for brisk, summer jaunts! For runners, these can and hopefully will give you some much-needed motivation to help you push past any laziness or despair you feel in the face of your daily run or workout. Those who’re already gifted with the drive to hit the trails everyday will also benefit from these books’ inspirations.

borntorunBorn to Run by Christopher McDougall
In Mexico’s Copper Canyons, there lives a tribe of Native Americans known as the Tarahumara. These people are renowned for their almost god-like endurance abilities that allow them to effortlessly run hundreds of miles without needing rest and free of injury. McDougall tracks them down in search of their secrets and in doing so, explores running’s history spanning back centuries across the globe. As McDougall discusses today’s ultra-running legends, what modern running shoes are really doing to us, and some of the most astounding feats of athleticism this world has seen, Born to Run is an engaging and intriguing read.


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Sports for Everyone!

School’s back for another year, and now so are those fall sports: football, cross country, soccer, and volleyball.  And for those of us who spent summer with TV and ice cream (guilty) more than sports training, joining  a sport seems like a less than fun idea and even intimidating.  Still, joining a school sport has a ton of pros that make it completely worth it your while.  I’ll admit I’m biased: I play a fall sport, and I’m used to slipping into my role of recruiter, encouraging classmates to join cross country.  But this aside – just teen to teen – it’s not a conspiracy: people who do sports usually like it and would like to have you on their team. Continue reading

Cross Country, A Sport That Will Change You

 Being a runner challenges you in so many ways. It is just as rewarding as it is difficult. It is not only physically exhausting, but it’s also mentally grueling. When playing team sports, you need to learn to rely on yourself  in addition to your team.  I don’t want to scare you, because running is also one of the best sports out there. Running allows you to form lifelong friendships, learn new things about yourself,  and change in more ways than you could understand once you try it. Continue reading