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Have you taken the S.A.T.? Check out my helpful tips…


Recently I took the S.A.T and I was nervous to say the least. I had heard all the stories about how strict the rules were and how scary the test itself was. So I tried to prepare myself; I got the proper information from Susan Watters, my schools Fiscal Specialist.  She gave me the proper website address, info about fee waivers, and a small booklet that has quite a bit of information about what the S.A.T is, some of the rules, things you will need for the test day, and a practice test. My great aunt had also bought me the Official S.A.T study guide, which is this HUGE book all about the S.A.T. But alas November was a no bueno month (no good – for those of you who don’t speak Spanish)  so I did not get to study much.  I was able to look at the little booklet that I got from school, but I did not get a chance to use my Official S.A.T guide so I cannot tell you if it was helpful.

Anyways signing up for the S.A.T is an adventure as well, it has lots of questions and when/if you sign up try to do so from your personal computer, or if you must use a library or school computer be sure to take a flash drive with a photo of you on it so you can put it onto your “Ticket” which you must print out and take with you on test day – it’s what lets you take the test, and you can’t get in without your admission “Ticket”. Only you can be in your photo (no friends or pets in it) and it MUST be a recent picture of you. Continue reading

Homework Help @ Your Library…and beyond!

Homework HelpWith school just starting, lots of us are stressed out with tests, quizzes, homework, extracurricular activities, friends. . . I’m sure you know what I mean.

The good news is that the Seattle Public Library is here to help.  If you find yourself struggling, there’s several important resources, available for all grade, ages, and often in multiple languages (though this varies from branch to branch).

First, check out in-person Homework Help.  This is available at Beacon Hill, Broadview, Columbia, Delridge, Douglass-Truth, High Point, Lake City, NewHolly, Northgate, Rainier Beach and South Park.  This service is generally available several hours a day, Monday through Thursday (not including holidays), but check with your individual branch, as the hours vary branch to branch. Students are able to treat this as a drop in session and are not required to sign up before arrival.

However, if your local branch is like mine and does not have in-person homework help, or you don’t want to leave your home, then take a look at online Homework Help (provided by SPL, powered by Brainfuse). This service is available seven days a week from 1-10 pm in both Spanish and English.  There, you will be able to get help from tutors for Math, English, Science, and Social Studies.  However, for this site you do need a library card and pin number. Continue reading

Embrace Standardized Testing! SAT and ACT help at your Library

StandardizedTesting-CreativeCommons-595x397 It’s that time of year again – spring is here, and with it comes the dreaded wave of SAT and ACT testing. If you’re a high school junior or of any other age and planning to take one (or both!) of these standardized tests this year, you might be freaking out. But testing stress doesn’t have to ruin the coming of springtime for you! The Seattle Public Library offers a variety of resources to help you study and to make standardized tests less of a reason to lose sleep at night. Continue reading

Test Season

Once again, we have reached that oh-so-special time of the year, of spring, and sun, and flowers, and not getting to enjoy any of it because we’re stuck inside studying for exams. AP, IB, SAT, ACT, SAT,  Subject tests . . .  all conspiring against us ever having any time to ourselves to enjoy the wonderfully dreary and wet springtime for which our city is famous. This is my set of suggestions for surving exam month. Continue reading

Free SAT Prep Classes at the Library!

The Seattle Public Library, in collaboration with Kaplan, will offer a free SAT preparation class from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 20 on Level 4, Room 1 of the Central Library, 1000 Fourth Ave.  There will be a follow-up session from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 27 in the Microsoft Auditorium, Level 1 of the Central Library.  If you sign up, you must attend both sessions.

The classes are presented by Kaplan. Registration is required. Classes are limited to 60 participants who can attend both sessions.  Call 206-615-1410 or email teencenter@spl.org to register. Preference given to high school students; middle school students will be admitted if space is available.

My SAT date is fast approaching (only about three months now!) and the SAT Prep classes are a great way to feel more confident about the test in general. In the meantime, if you need some SAT Prep books, head to the library to pick up any of these titles.

Gruber’s complete SAT guide 2010 / Gary R. Gruber. 

The SAT word slam : rhyme your way to a better vocabulary and higher SAT and ACT scores / Jodi Fodor.

And if you want practice from the actual makers of the test, check out this book from the College Board.

The official SAT study guide.

~Hannah, Teen Center Adviser