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Sarah's Top 11 Books of All Time!

So I read A LOT.  In the 6th & 7th grade I was really into sci-fi/ fantasy and then I went into a crappy realistic fiction phase and then I found Harry Potter and then the good realistic fiction. I’m pleased to present: My Top 11 Favorite Books of ALL Time!

The whole list can be found on the library’s catalog here!

11. A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks
This is an amazing love story and in my opinion the best Nicholas Sparks book (and I’ve read ALL of them.) I love the 1950s back drop, I love Jamie and Landon, I love their love, I love that they get married even though they’re still kids, and I love that their love changed each other for the better.

10. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
So I was required to read this book my freshmen year and I thought I would hate it but I ended up falling in love with it. It’s a classic and there isn’t one specific reason why I love it I just love all of it.  And I am Scout; I was exactly like her as a kid.

9. Sweethearts by Sara Zarr
This is QUALITY realistic fiction. Sara Zarr is an AMAZING realistic fiction author. I love this book because I felt raw when I finished it. The love and the characters in this book felt so real that I could not stop thinking about it even weeks after I’d finished the book. Continue reading

Teen Review: Smile

SmileTitle: Smile

Summary: This book is about a girl named Raina who fell down during Girl Scouts and two of her front teeth fell out.  She had to go to the dentist and she went through an adventure of putting on and taking off braces, boy/friend problems, had to have surgery, and even using a retainer with fake teeth.  But in the end she found a solution and turned out to be totally fine.
I started reading it because Raina Telgemeier came to my school and talked about the book and it was interesting.
I kept reading because this is a great book, it surprises me a lot.  Raina wrote this book about her own experience so I think this book is more like real life.
Main character(s): If they were in a yearbook, they would be voted: Dental Drama Girl.
Six Word Recap: Raina deals with drama from life.
This book reminded me of: How people in the real world face so many problems, it never disappears, and it bugs them so much, especially when they are in middle school and high school when friends and classmates are so “judgey.”
Websites of interest: Raina @ Scholastic
Khoa, Delridge Teen Blogger

Four on a Theme: Bullies

icon-books Bullies seem to be a feature at nearly every school. They are the ones who can’t succeed on their own terms, who think they have to put someone else down in order to rise up. We’ve blogged about bullies before, but as long as bullies exist, there will be stories about them. Here are four newer titles about bullies and their (sometimes) victims.
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Four on a Theme: Horrible Cheerleaders

icon-books A large part of any big high school is its sports program, and a large part of the sports program is the cheerleading team.  Cheerleaders often occupy a large share of the school’s social scene, and are more than just the sum of their parts.  While a lot of real-life cheerleaders, boys and girls, are kind extraverts who just want to support their classmates at athletic events, sometimes things get out of hand.  Here are four titles about cheerleaders who are about to go too far.
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School: Tips for a successful year and beyond

Have you ever looked down at your binder that so happens to be in such disarray you cannot seem to find that biology paper, language arts essay or scrap of paper you scribbled a history fact onto and wondered to yourself, how did this happen?  More often than not, the disorganization kicks in about a month or two after school starts, that is, after the “new” of school stops.  As my new geometry teacher seems to like to say, “the key to success is organization.” 

After hearing this I chose to really think about what he meant.  I believe that he didn’t just mean in terms of your binders to be organized; I think he was aiming for a deeper meaning.  A meaning that represented an organization in life, where one would find their balance to both have a social and school life as well as down time for themselves.  The reason for this theory is that if you have this so called “organization” then you’ll be able to achieve your dreams with a level head and an ambition that’s unstoppable. First rule of success: Strive to be organized.

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Sports for Everyone!

School’s back for another year, and now so are those fall sports: football, cross country, soccer, and volleyball.  And for those of us who spent summer with TV and ice cream (guilty) more than sports training, joining  a sport seems like a less than fun idea and even intimidating.  Still, joining a school sport has a ton of pros that make it completely worth it your while.  I’ll admit I’m biased: I play a fall sport, and I’m used to slipping into my role of recruiter, encouraging classmates to join cross country.  But this aside – just teen to teen – it’s not a conspiracy: people who do sports usually like it and would like to have you on their team. Continue reading

Volunteering: Why volunteer as a high school student?

Before school got out for the summer I talked to several of my upperclassman friends who stressed the importance of volunteering. I, myself, have always been very interested in working and devoting my time to others so I loved the idea of volunteering. However, I soon talked to my same-year friends who were a bit less zealous and understandably so when I think about it. I mean, in past years I spent my summers hanging out with friends, reading various books and just living up the sun (what little we got in Seattle). My various friends’ discontent about volunteering probed me to ask around and I found out that very few of my friends planned to get their hours done with or even remotely started this year. Continue reading