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When Global Warming Ruins Your Weekend


This weekend I was supposed to be skiing, but instead I am at home, angrily typing into a computer. Now you may ask: why am I not skiing with my family this weekend? Answer: because there’s no snow!!! And why is there no snow? I’m thinking it might be because of our ever thinning ozone layer and the gradual warming of the globe. This weekend I was supposed to take my best friend in the world up to a ski lodge I have been going to since I was a little kid, but I can’t.

Because skiing this weekend was canceled due to the fact that there is NO SNOW.

Did you know that 9 of the 10 hottest years on record have been in the 2000’s?  I found that out recently and it’s very distressing.  Global warming is a real problem, I know that it’s something most of us try to ignore a lot of the time, but the fact of the matter is we can’t do that any more.  This is an issue that literally will not go away.  We aren’t getting any more ozone back; it isn’t something we can rebuild. The earth isn’t going to become less polluted over time. This is a kind of problem where the only thing we can do is try to slow or stop the damage before it gets any worse.

Now I’m no scientist, and I don’t think I’m the person who’s going to solve the bigger crisis, but it’s the little things you can do. Things like unplugging chargers, walking a few more places, turning off lights, consuming less, I know these don’t seem like big things, but imagine if everyone did them!  So next time you’re hoping for a snow day, maybe remember that we might not have many of those left.

P.S. Please don’t drink bottled water.  Seriously, why would you do that?  We live in the Pacific Northwest.  Bottled water wishes it tasted as good as our water. Just stop.

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–Grace, 17, Greenwood