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Sound Cycling today @ Ballard and NewHolly!

bikingThe library has two events today for the biking enthusiast.

Stop by NewHolly from 12-2 for “Getting There By Bike” a fun workshop full of tips and tricks for effective biking.

Have you ever thought “There’s got to be another way” as you sat in traffic? Do you want to start biking to the store or work? Then this workshop is for you! Come hang out with Morgan Scherer of FamilyBike Seattle to learn more about using bikes to get where you need to go in the city — both as an individual and as a family.

Biking for transportation can be safe, fun, practical, inexpensive and good for the environment. We’ll discuss the benefits and barriers to getting started, as well as provide inspiration and information to help you enjoy biking more.

In this discussion-oriented workshop, you’ll learn about:

– Choosing the right bike for you
– Bike riding with kids
– Traffic laws and safety
– Route planning: finding flatter and calmer routes
– What to do when it rains
– Carrying your stuff

Or, you can go to Ballard at the same time (12-2) for “Bicycle Maintenance” where you’ll get an overview of basic bicycle parts and learn about basic bicycle maintenance.

Bring your bike to class — maintenance expert Alex will give you suggestions on fixing your bike.

This Bicycle Maintenance class is offered in partnership with volunteers from the Bikery Collective.

These programs are part of the 2013 Sound Cycling Series: check out free bicycling classes throughout the month of May at one of The Seattle Public Library locations near you!