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Your Opinions, Your Chance To Win!

 Got a few minutes? I know, not really. But you might want to make some time to take one of the surveys about The Seattle Public Library’s Homework Help program. Why? Because your opinions matter and will help us improve the Homework Help program. Oh, and also because you could win a $10 Starbucks card.
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Nick & Norah or Nick & Norah?

Speaking of YA novels becoming movies,  I recently saw Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist with two 14 year old boys.  None of us had read the book yet, but I have since and both the boys plan to also.  I liked both versions, but I am not sure I would have liked the movie if I had read the book first.

I won’t tell you the details since it is so newly out in theaters, but I will say that the while the story is different, the feeling it gives is the same.  I actually liked some of the changes and I did recognize whole quotes out of the book.  It was as if they took most of the really good parts of the book and wove them back together into a new story.

The previews before the movie were all over the place.  You know how usually they gear the previews to the intended audience for the movie?  Well, this one had horror, comedy, chic flick and action previews.  They were either really confused over who would be coming to see Nick and Norah’s, or they knew it would draw a lot of different audiences.

So, those of you who have seen the new movie, what did you think?

FYI, you can choose two answers on the survey.

The 14 year old boys thought the movie was hillarious.