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Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian Stories

Look for something futuristic? Maybe dystopian future?

The first thing I’d have to recommend is the CW show The 100. With the start of the second season in mid-October, the first season was added to Netflix and The Seattle Public Library, and like many teens, I binge-watched it in 3 days. Continue reading

Poetry Month: Ivory Dreamer


Evan Blog Post

By Evan, Teen Adviser
Northeast Branch

Four on a Theme: Teens and natural disasters

For some strange reason, I’ve always been drawn to stories of people surviving disasters.  I  worried a lot about the possibility of nuclear war when I was a teen, and I often imagined life after a nuclear disaster.  It wasn’t pretty, let me tell you.

Nuclear war doesn’t seem to be such a big threat in people’s minds any longer, although there are plenty of other disaster scenarios to keep us awake at night.  Here are four books about natural disasters and how some resilient teens cope with them. Three of them are based on real-life stories, making them much more powerful.

aftershocksAftershocks by William Lavender
The great San Francisco quake of 1906 was physically earth-shattering, but a family secret changes Jessie’s life even more, making her determined to become a doctor despire her father’s wishes.


The Killing SeaThe Killing Sea by Richard Lewis
In the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami in Sumatra, two teenagers, Sarah and Ruslan, meet and continue together their arduous climb inland, where Ruslan hopes to find his father and Sarah seeks a doctor for her brother.

Life as We Knew It Life as We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer
After the moon is hit by a large asteroid, causing volcanoes, hurricanes, and tornadoes around the world, Miranda and her family face food and power shortages and a long, cold winter ahead.


 Hurricane Hurricane by Terry Trueman
Jose, a teen living in Honduras when Hurricane Mitch hits in 1988, must find help for his little brother even though he can’t find his parents or other siblings.