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Edits, GIFs, Fandoms, & a Free Workshop!

Do you like making edits and GIFs?

Maybe you consider yourself part of a fandom? Maybe you’re curious about fandoms or interested in making edits? My friend and I started an Instagram account dedicated to anything fandom related (you can follow us at @team.trenchcoat).  We have both loved Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural and reading in general for a long time. So, we decided to share our love for fandoms with other people.  We post edits that we’ve created and edits that we’ve found, as well as other pictures and posts.

 Check out some more of our edits!





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Happy New Year!

2014We here at Push to Talk do hereby resolve to keep bringing the funny, topical, awesome, and weird to you every day. 

Of course, we need tons of help from you teens!  Some of our best and most outstanding posts are written by y’all. 

So, make a resolution to write a post for us this year.  We love to have teens from all over Seattle write about your lives, your schools, books you read, movies/tv shows/plays you watch, music you listen to…you name it!  It doesn’t have to be long-winded (that’s my job!) or perfectly written, just something you think other teens may find interesting.  It doesn’t even have to be happy.  We love the reviews where you tell why exactly you should never read a book.  Or the things that make you crazy in books (we had a whole series around that topic!)

Oh, and the libraries are closed today.  Srsly.  Don’t come by, you’ll be disappointed.  We’re open again tomorrow, visit us then!  🙂  Or choose something from our digital collections and find some inspiration to write a blog post!

Cracking the Hub: Unchained

Hub Reading ChallengeI’m about a month into The Hub Challenge and have just finished my sixth book, Unchained by L.B Tillit

Unchained is about a teen boy, Ben, who has been neglected his entire life by his parents. He figures out that to get by in life he just needs to be tough and everyone will leave him alone. He falls in with the local gang, but before he can be initiated in, he gets sent off to foster care. Living at Miss Dixie’s house is the best time of his life, but it’s not permanent. The gang is always there, pressuring him to join in and help them out.

This wasn’t my favorite book I’ve read for the challenge, but it is fast moving. With short chapters and lots of action it’s no wonder it was on the Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Reader’s  list. I think fans of Perfect Chemistry and Sharon Flake will enjoy this quick read.

Next up: Pure by Juliana Baggott

Four on a Theme: Teens and Mental Illness

icon-books From Seattle to Stockholm, these books explore the interactions between teens and mental illness.  Featuring books  about teens with  mental illness and teens with mentally ill family members, these books are fundamentally about how mental illness changes what it means to be a teenager. Continue reading

Four On A Theme: Spoken Word Poetry

What do you think of when you hear the word poetry? Classrooms and books? Quill pens and English accents? How about teenagers just like us talking about what’s important? If the last one sounds interesting to you, try checking out these books about spoken word poetry! Continue reading

Gifts 4 Teens by Teens

If you’re having trouble finding the ideal gift for a teen, we have some ideas for you.

If your teen loves to read, build things or is artistic, you came to the right place! 

We, the members of the Columbia Branch TAG*, have created this list of gift suggestions for teens.  It can’t solve all your teen holiday giving problems, but it is a great start!

*TAG is the Teen Advisory Group at the Columbia Branch. TAG members help plan library programs, create displays, record podcasts and otherwise help the library be relevant and cool.

Citywide Teen Open Mic at Central Library

Are you, or is someone you know, good at stuff?  Are you a singer, or a poet, or an amazing guitar player?  Are you ready for the world to know about it?

If so, come to the Citywide Teen Open Mic Night at Central Library on Tuesday June 7!   Sign-ups start at 5 p.m, with performances  from 5:30-7:30. 

The coolest thing about this event?  It’s organized and hosted by several teens from Roosevelt High.  They’ve hosted open mic nights at Roosevelt before, but this time, they wanted to invite teens from all over the city to participate.  As Chris, one of the organizers, says, “Our group just really wants to put on an event that gives many kids in the school district a previously unobtainable perspective on student art, student performance and student voice throughout the entire school district.” 

Don’t miss this chance to see teens from all over the city show off their amazing talent.  Questions?  Email teencenter@spl.org!