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It’s so easy to post to our tumblr!

Did you know? You don’t even need your own tumblr.  If you have something rad to say, show off, or sound off about, just go here and share it with us.  Your fave books, movies, homemade GIFs, handmade creations, book trailers or book spine poetry, photography, and inspirations!

We’ll get it up, presto magesto!  😀


Web 2.0 Meets Tumblr

The tumbleblog is a recently coined term for a blog simplified to its skeletal structure — short video clips, quotations, and pictures, as opposed to lengthy editorials (like this one) typically associated with blogs (like this one). They’re frequently used for the simplicity with which they allow the poster to exhibit recent online discoveries, compilations of links, and the poster’s own work. Twenty-one-year-old David Karp created Tumblr (“a blog platform even your granny can use” according to the New York Observer) in the summer of 2007, and it has quickly caught on as the tumbleblog’s most popular platform. Tumblr creates an exciting and simplistic hodgepodge of the photographs that can be found on sites like Flickr, short films and videos found on sites like Vimeo, and the personal writing and favored quotations that can be found on sites like LiveJournal with extra social networking twists — its users can follow one another à la Twitter, “reblog” one another’s posts (posting the posts of others on their own Tumblrs, while giving credit to the post’s source) and “like” the postings of others (sending a note to the author informing them you liked their post). Tumblr and the tumbleblog emphasize the new direction the web seems to be taking — simplicity over chaos.