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Too Much to Read?



Does this ever happen to you?

–submitted by Susanna, Montlake Branch

Web Comics

One of my favorite ways to waste time when I am attempting do homework while sitting at my computer is to read web comics.

What is a web comic, you may ask? A comic on the web, smart one. However, unlike the comics that you read in the paper, web comics make up more of a story, and you can read them all at once. Think of it as a comic book, on the Internet, which always keeps adding pages. This is my favorite thing about web comics, the never-ending part (unless the author decides to stop).

There are many, many different comics out there to choose from, but I have three personal favorites. The first one is called XKCD, and is written by Randall Munroe. This comic includes many different characters, but the comic mostly revolves around the conversation and topic, not the characters. There is no main story line, but many of the strips are very funny.

The next one is called Questionable Content, and is created by Jeph Jacques. This might have to be called by favorite comic, and I have gotten attached to the characters and the story line, just like in a real book. There are now over 1600 strips, and many new characters have been introduced from the beginning. If you want to try reading this, I recommend starting at the beginning.

Finally, my newest find is called Sequential Art, by Jolly Jack. This is another story-based comic, and contains much humor and some interesting characters.

-Eli, 14, Teen Center Advisor