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Homework Help: Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an online database of over 2600 video lessons in all different subjects. Need help in geometry? They’ve got it. Want to brush up on art history? Check. Studying for your SAT? No problem. Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that simply wants to help people learn. Founder Sal Khan has degrees from both MIT and Harvard, and he actually quit his job as a hedge fund manager to work on the Academy full time.

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Websites that don't make me die inside 9

Some people compose classical symphonies. Some write literary novels. Some paint beautiful landscapes. And some people take pictures of themselves holding record sleeves in front of their faces. It’s all art. But only one of these art forms reminds us of a time when music came in packaging with life-size heads on it.

See for yourself at www.sleeveface.com. Who knows? You might get this:















and then you might make a sleeveface of your own.