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5 Things to Do in Michigan

michigan I visited Michigan recently and thought I would write a post about fun things to do in the state.





1. Eat!CT  CTFL 080911-TRAVEL sc-trav-0808-food-mackinac-fudge MJW
If you go at the right time of year (summer), there are fresh cherries and blueberries (a specialty), available at the many fruit stands and farmers markets around the state. Also, Macinac Island is home to amazing fudge. In fact, the island itself is pretty amazing.


beach_water_quality_web2. Swimming!
Michigan has so many beautiful beaches and lakes to swim in, including the Great Lakes. It’s a great way to escape the heat, and it’s good exercise too!



3. Outdoor Music!
A great way to relax is by listening to music, and you can do it enjoying the fresh air too. You can listen to something different (without auto-tune) and support small bands.

4. Scenery!
Get outside, get exercise, and see the beautiful scenery. There are so many lakes, forests, and beaches to see, and you’ll want to see them all.

5. Wildlife!
Living in the city, we don’t really see much wildlife, besides the occasional squirrel or raccoon, but Michigan has more to offer in that department. You can spot deer pretty easily (if you’re paying attention), and many other animals you wouldn’t find at home. Just be careful, you wouldn’t want to run into a bear out in the woods.

I’ve listed some of the things to do in Michigan, but obviously not all of them. You can check out some of these travel guides at the library to help find amazing sites and things to do while you’re there:

-Corinna, Greenwood, Teen Blogger


Desert Solitaire – memorable experiences with the wilderness

Desert SolitaireI finished Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey with beautifully written scenic imagery. This book is about the author himself, Edward Abbey during the time he was a ranger in Arches National Park.

This book itself gave such a sense of comfort the entire way through, the independence and closeness to nature that Abbey experiences and describes places the reader in his feet. I really enjoyed this book– the writing and simplicity makes it easy. The symbolism throughout the book gives it depth and dimension. Abbey also describes different memorable experiences with the wilderness which is quite captivating and a freshness to it that keeps you reading. As a result I do recommend this book, it provides something that not a lot of modern books include.

–Sophie, Columbia, Teen Blogger